Saturday, March 16, 2013

Congrats Andrew and Shelly!!

Andrew and Shelly

So very sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. Work has taken it's toll and all I want to do in the evening is sit and then there is always housework to catch up on.
Anyway, I went to Owatonna to a bridal shower for a son of a family I have know for over 32 years. It was a very nice time. I took along a friend that also knew them. They made a theme of Let's Make a Deal with the games and small prizes to boot. It was so funny trying to guess the prices and see everyone have fun.
The bridal couple, Andrew and Shelly are getting married in June. They make a very sweet couple and I am very happy for Andrew. He got a job a few years ago in Kansas City, Missouri teaching Catecism classes and it went from there. Andrew has an amazing knowledge of his Catholic faith and he met Shelly while he was living there. Great Saturday to spend a wonderful sunny day!


good food!

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