Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That Toddling Town

Went to Chicago last weekend and had a much different experience from the last time. Weather was about 20 degrees cooler, "Mr Ed", Michael's college buddy Ed R met us downtown for lunch at the oldest restaurant in Chicago called The Berghoff, German cuisine run by now 5th generation family. We stayed in a Comfort Inn in downtown Chicago rather than in one out by the airport and enjoyed a two room suite with kitchenette.  I highly recommend it. I really think the town never sleeps. We went to the Science Museum which was more educationally and historically oriented that the one here in St. Paul and in the evening we took in the sights. I had to admit even after 31 years of marriage it was quite the romantic evening taking a walk along one the streets that go over the Chicago river and enjoying all the night life. We decided to return another time. Being so busy with the orientation for my new job has been so exhausting in so many ways that spending the evening viewing the skyline from the 24th floor of our hotel room (definitely not for the vertically challenged), staying up past midnight, something I don't get to do anymore (you'd have to be me to really understand that) and walking along the boardwalk of the Chicago River with Michael really was a nice way to spend the weekend and time away from "brain" work. Enjoy the pics.


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