Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beauty fades, love is forever

April 19th was another anniversary for us. I remember the temperature was 80 degrees a far cry from what we are presently experiencing. The date was picked because my paternal grandfather married my grandmother on April 19th, 1919 and my folks thought it would be a nice date. Thirty two years, 3 kids, various pets, bats in our first and only house, 3 medical surgeries and the loss of 3 parents we continue to tick like a Timex watch. Not that we don't have troubles but we seem to meld even though we are two very different people. I'm a risk taker with ADHD married to an analytical person who never leaves the toothpaste cap off, recycles EVERYTHING, and never gets crumbs in the butter as I sometimes do (is that really so bad??). Even through all our differences life continues on. Now we're just waiting for grandchildren but in the meantime we'll hug, kiss and spoil each other. Life is good!

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charlie said...

Hey a belated Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Hope you have many more.