Thursday, February 16, 2012

retreat or re-treat

Haven't been on a womans retreat for quite awhile but was able to take some time this past weekend to enjoy the north woods on a retreat with a friend. Even though there was no snow to speak of there was lots of hot coffee, games and great down time playing a new game that I came to love and plan to buy called Qwirkle. It was too cold to take any long walks (10 degrees above 0)so we filled our time just enjoying our time away. They had a speaker who was pretty good even though I would rather curl up with a good book or stare at the lake front (how often can we do that at home??). Here some pics to show that snow never stops us from having a good time.
Indoor games like Qwerkle
Lots of fun painting fingernails!

Finished product!
A little broomball; after all we're Minnesotans! These were the young people that come from different church youth groups that help with cleaning and cooking around camp on various weekends. You didn't think I was out there, did ya!
The highlight; Saturday evening candlelight dinner.

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