Saturday, June 25, 2011

"DJ Fieds & the Fam"

Way back in junior high Daniel wanted to DJ for his church youth group. It never happened (another blog) but he never gave up. Buying equipment and renting some when needed he has branched out and made a small business for himself providing music for weddings, dances, and other events. He joined forces with his sister who has a tremendous handle on song titles and music from many different eras due to her degree in Music Therapy and help from dad (those that know us know what I mean). Muscles and transportation was provided by his friends Jesus and Jordan and "DJ Fieds & The Fam" was born.
Since they were creating a Web page I was asked if I would take some photos for advertising purposes. Taking Michael with me we drove out to a Ramada Inn in NE Minneapolis and I spent an hour shooting various pics of them in action. It was actually an enjoyable time even though I didn't know a soul there. It made me kind of sad that we didn't have a dance for our wedding.

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