Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Luke 4:18

Michael and I took a trip down to Madison, Wisc. this past week and stopped in to see his uncle who is a priest there. We regularly stop in to say hi and we always go out for lunch or just a coffee break with him. He always appreciates it since his time is taken up for the most part by people that need him so we try to make it a visit where he can "need" us or just a break from "needy" people (did I say that correctly???). Anyway Fr. Ken Fiedler is considered by many in the diocese to be quite a radical priest along with a very holy man of God. For instance he believes that priests should be able to marry even though he doesn't think it will happen in his lifetime (he's in his 60s). Needless to say we have some very interesting conversations with him. One of his most passionate beliefs is that as Christians God calls us to care for the needs of the poor. When the Catholic diocese of Madison got together awhile back the bishop wanted to close a multicultural center that served the poor in a very impoverished neighborhood of Madison. The building was no longer being used due to money problems, etc. Fr. Ken wanted to resurrect it and basically bring it back into a functional mode. The bishop was against it but told Fr. Ken that if he could produce the money and resources necessary they would consider restoring it. Fr. Ken loves a challenge and immediately got on the bandwagon and raised the money and the resources to make the building functional again. It is now a thriving center serving meals 7 days a week along with other activities and services that serve the poor and needy in the area. We attended the open house and were so pleased with his efforts and the efforts of volunteers seeing a need and bringing it forth with God's love. Way to go Fr Ken!

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