Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Saints Have Marched In Already

We have been remodeling our crawl space to give us some storage room and Michael discovered some fabric that had been stuffed into one corner to block out the wind maybe during the winter (we think). Anyway, when we pulled the fabric down we found out it was a pair of pants. After looking them over and an internet search we discovered that they were pants from World War 1. The pictures don't show the buttons but they are metal and are inscribed with "U.S. Army" on them. The pants are 100% dark green wool and the legs have lacing down the sides. Unfortunately they got stuck on a nail when I pulled them down out of the crawl space corner and fearing a bat or gigantic spider falling on me I continued to rip them away from the wood. I could have reached up and carefully moved them around the nail but I doubt the original owner needs them anymore.