Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grease is not just a movie title

When I decided to "retire" from cleaning homes, a business I had for approx. 17 years, my father was against it. Being in business for himself was something he always took pride in so hearing that I wanted to go into a job where I got paid less than half what I made cleaning homes he felt was a big mistake, not to mention that I would have to get up every morning and buck the traffic like the rest of the world working for someone else. I explained to him that I was willing to buck the traffic and get paid less for what I had a passion for which was to make a difference in the lives of other people in a more personal way. All the negative reasons for "retiring" were facing me, but I have always had an interest in working in the healthcare industry. so when Daniel came to us after high school and announced he wanted to be an auto mechanic, I was against it. After all we had given him a wonderful education that included 7 years of private schooling which we felt would set him up for true success. We figured he would go into engineering like his dad since math was his best subject. However it was his decision and after 2 years I have decided that maybe he was right. Even though he may never be the book learner I would have liked, he is truly gifted at his mostly hands-on work with cars. He also went out and got hired at the place we have our cars serviced and has learned an enormous amount along with tons of experience working on different makes and models. He comes home greasy, dirty, and tired but he truly is a natural at it. The picture I chose is the day that his older brother David came over to have Daniel help him fix his truck. I am thankful that I have been able to see the fruit of allowing him to seek out his own desires, something that my father was not able to see as he died before I finished school. Congratulations Daniel for knowing what you truly want in life and going for it!

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