Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting old isn't for sissies

Well, the final touches are on the move my mother has made since my dad died two years ago. She sold her house in 3 days (yes, I said 3 days) and is now residing in a lovely assisted living facility that is Christian based. She has her own apartment (2 bedroom), cable, new friends and more to do than ever before (movie night is tonight). She also gets rides from the apartment to doctor appts., grocery store and events that she chooses to participate in. She told me that she wasn't going to do any of the activities, just watch her soaps but that idea faded with the news of various card players in the building. All in all it was a very hard move physically for us and emotionally for her, but we all survived and are alive to share in her joy of finding such a lovely place with lots of new friends! I don't really have a recent picture of her (she hates having it taken) so I found one from my oldest son's wedding in June of 2007. It is a favorite of mine. Since Daniel and Karen helped with the move they can share in the spotlight for this blog.

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